Welcome to the blog

Welcome to the blog

Hunter was sweet enough to drive me down to Charleston for this engagement session. We made a day trip out of it, arrived a little early, and got in a swim at the beach. This included my new golden swan float– which we’ve lovingly dubbed Goldie Swawn. But if you want a funny mental image, just picture us, wrangling a 6 foot inflatable swan while trying to hold it down to be blown up by our battery powered air mattress pump (real classy here, folks!). Meanwhile, the wind is blowing something fierce and people are starting to laugh and stare while pointing at us. But in the end, we had the best time! It was so fun riding the waves with Goldie, and it was the perfect start to a great day trip. The best part, though, was meeting up with these two. We started at the most adorable gazebo area on Sullivans Island and ended on the beach. Sullivans has always been my favorite beach in Charleston because of how secluded and less populated it is. However, this night, it was a little busier than normal. But Brittany & Joey were so flexible and fun, and when they agreed to get into the water at the end of the session, I could have started jumping up and down with excitement. It was simply the best and unlike any other session I’ve had before. You don’t want to miss it!

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July 31, 2018

Brittany & Joey | Charleston, SC | Sullivans Island Beachside Engagement Session

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