The Wedding Walkthrough
at Oxbow Estate

The Mastermind for Heart-Centered Creatives

Fully designed wedding and engagement styled shoots with luxury details and lush florals. An event for photographers desiring to elevate their portfolio with curated details in an intimate setting on July 13-14.

a 2-day luxury styled shoot event

Let's do this!

The Styled Event

The Styled Event was born in 2020 out of a desire to create when the whole world and the wedding industry was on pause. Its initial intent was to provide accessible and fun shoots for photographers of all skill levels to build or refresh their portfolios. 

After serving 80+ attendees over the span of 4 years and across the country, we're bringing you a truly elevated experience. This is a small, high-end event for photographers shifting to the luxury space. Attendees are accepted by application only.

Sounds like me

a luxury experience with

What is a Wedding Walkthrough?

I'm about to read your mind...


This is not an event where you shoot for a couple hours in a large group and call it a day. This is a full day wedding shoot intended to simulate an actual wedding day.


At this particular event, we will be showcasing two full wedding day concepts as well as a luxury engagement session on property.


Yes, full wedding shoot means everything from details and getting ready photos all the way to the cake cutting and sparkler exit.


It also means full bridal party, complete with all the details of an actual wedding day. And we use real people/couples, not models, on purpose.

The venue

Meet Oxbow Estate

A slice of Paris in the Carolinas. This picturesque estate sits on acres and acres of land. With beautiful details and exquisite features, it's an enviable luxury venue. 

We'll have the entire property to ourselves to use. And we will make use of both the indoor and outdoor spaces.

Nestled along the Neuse River outside of Raleigh, North Carolina — Oxbow Estate is a romantic and refined wedding venue.

Fully designed wedding and engagement styled shoots with luxury details and lush florals. An event for photographers desiring to elevate their portfolio with curated details in an intimate setting on May 31- June 1.

The Wedding Walkthrough

true luxury

You'll experience two fully styled wedding day shoots on Day 1 (bridal party, full details, floral installation, vintage car, and all). Before we depart on Day 2, you will have the opportunity to photograph a luxury engagement session on property.

Mood boards for all three shoots are shown below. 

We'll welcome you with a catered lunch. Then we'll jump into shooting the first wedding day concept. We'll break for a catered dinner before or during shoot #2. 

Then, the next morning will include another catered meal- breakfast. All snacks included as well.

What's included in admission?

Styled Shoots x3

Catered Meals

feature one

feature two

On Day 2, we'll carve out time to take updated, luxury headshots for you on property before going our separate ways.

Headshots will be edited in a lighter style, true to color and airy.


feature four

One-night luxury stay at Oxbow is included. You'll have the opportunity to stay in one of the well-appointed rooms on property. Room assignment is selected on a first come, first serve basis. 

Expect bed-sharing. You may request a roommate when you apply.

Lodging at Oxbow

feature Three


Two fully styled wedding day concepts with uniquely different color palettes

A luxury styled event

One styled luxury engagement portrait session on property



for elevated photographers

Fresh, high end headshots taken on property, edited in a light & airy, true to color style


All catered meals (Lunch, Dinner, and Breakfast) and one-night stay included


Full bridal party, all wedding details, luxury floral installations


apply now

How do I start?

Fill out the application linked on this page. I'll be reviewing to ensure this event is a great fit for you.

step one

Once you've been accepted. Choose the best fit for a payment plan or pay in full at the link I provide.

next, please

Prepare for an amazing day of luxury goodness to build your portfolio!

and finally

An intimate, luxurious styled event for elevated photographers.

Build your portfolio to showcase more luxury clients

Attract and book your ideal brides and grooms

Increase your wedding average with higher end clients

Feel inspired in shooting again with elevated details and a relaxing space

Showcase your credibility through proven work at a higher level

Try new things in a low-key space curated just for you

Imagine if you could...

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I'm Nichole, your host extraordinaire.

I'm a business coach, wedding photographer, attorney and educator. On a personal note, I'm a wifey and dog mom to the best four-legged boys!

more about me

Hey there!

Our Shoot Inspiration

The (2) wedding concepts include full bridal party (4 bridesmaids/groomsmen, bride and groom). Some models may be reused for both shoots but in different roles (i.e. not the same bride and groom models for both). 

Wedding shoots include full styling with floral installations and wedding details. Stations include: details, getting ready, ceremony setup, tablescape, vintage car, cake setup.

Shoot #1 will occur earlier in the day and focus on interior spaces. Shoot #2 will take place closer to golden hours and will focus primarily on the outside spaces and grounds.

Engagement session includes bride and groom model in an engagement portrait setup. Long dress with minimal details, focus more on couple portraits.

Inspiration images from Pinterest . See the originals by clicking here.

Show me the mood boards

For the photographer ready for a high-end shooting experience.

Fully designed wedding and engagement styled shoots with luxury details and lush florals. An event for photographers desiring to elevate their portfolio with curated details in an intimate setting on July 13-14.

11:30- Welcome & Catered Lunch

12:00- Wedding Shoot #1 Begins

4:00- Break for Catered Dinner

4:30- Wedding Shoot #2 begins

9:00- Late night snacks and biz chats

The Schedule

apply now


July 13-14, 2024

8:00- Breakfast & Headshots

9:30- Engagement Shoot 

11:30- Hugs & Goodbye


How does the application process work?

You'll complete a simple application answering questions about your business and goals. Then I'll contact you to let you know how to proceed, including signing up for a payment plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

When and where will this take place?

We'll host this event on July 13-14 from about noon on Saturday to about noon on Sunday. Location is Oxbow Estate in Clayton, NC

Are lodging and meals included?

Yes! All meals (lunch, dinner, and breakfast) will be catered. You must notify us of allergies when you apply. One night stay at Oxbow is included (Saturday night).

I'm not ready now, will you offer this again?

Styled shoots are not a huge part of the plan right now, so I don't anticipate another event like this. If you think you're interested at all, I'd suggest that you apply now.

Will beds be shared?

This will depend on the number of attendees. But you should expect bed sharing. You may request a roommate in your application.

How big will shooting groups be?

The luxury of an intimate event like this means you'll be placed with no more than 2-3 other photographers in your group (so 3-4 total photographers per group).

Will you be shooting too?

Yes, I will be floating from group to group shooting content on this day too to (1) ensure all vendors get a cohesive gallery, and (2) to help if you get stuck shooting.

Will there be any education offered?

No formal education will be offered, however we will have plenty of time to chat and answer questions. If you want more business help, I will be open and ready to help at the event if you just come find me.

shoot me an email

I completely understand. Every dollar invested in your business is an important one! Send me an email with your questions, and I'll help you decide if this is a good fit for you. I want to make sure each of my attendees is 100% all in.

Still on the fence?