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Mona style has got  boho glow, and she absolutely rocks it! She’s got that sweet hint of 70’s vibe going on, but she isn’t a mainstream fake hipster look. She never seems like she is trying too hard but rather always looks comfortable in her personal style, so I was thrilled to feature her on this week’s Fashion Friday!
When it comes to the bohemian look, layers are essential. Soft materials that loosely drape over printed textures underneath add dimension and flair.
Layering isn’t only something that can be done with clothing. Layered jewelry of various shapes, sizes, and styles lend an eclectic edge to the overall vibe. Think chunky necklaces and unique-looking rings.
Earthy tones work really well with Mona’s skin tone and really help to achieve a relaxed look in which she appear totally comfortable but completely stylish.
As with any style, girls just gotta have dresses! And Mona’s eyelet dress with tassels was a stunning finish to her styled shoot. Love, love, love!

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April 10, 2015

Mona | Clemson, SC | Portrait

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