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Ever since I can remember, Gatlinburg has been one of my favorite places to visit. As a kid I just loved the roadtrip up to the quaint little city that was filled with little shops and, of course, the Sky Lift. It’s a ski lift in the middle of downtown that takes you up 1800 feet to the top of mountain where there is a gift shop and a view. It was literally my favorite thing in the world!
So when mom suggested we take a daytrip up to Gatlinburg, I was all in. Going back, as an adult, to the city I loved as a kid was definitely an interesting experience. I realized that Gatlinburg and I were different but also the very much the same. It was like Gatlinburg had grown up with me, and we were old friends meeting after a time apart. Downtown is filled with gourmet stores, beautiful displays, and franchises now. There are still a few scattered mom and pop shops, but most of those sell non-unique t-shirts and mugs. However, I was pleased to find that the abundance of candy stores were still in existence. 
The weekend was quick, but it was just the perfect getaway after Thanksgiving. We ventured up into the space needle the first night to catch a glimpse of the city, and this one street was mainly it. So cute and quaint, right!
The second day, we took my little sister to the Aquarium. It as her first time going to one, and just watching her fascination with all the exhibits was so precious. I was happy to have snapped this shot at one of my favorite tanks with the jellies. These little guys changed colors and were absolutely gorgeous, but probably my favorite view by far on this trip was the drive up. We took the scenic route through Maggie Valley and the Great Smoky Mountains. It was breathtaking!! Happy weekend, friends!!

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December 3, 2015

Gatlinburg Day Trip | Travel

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