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Preparing for portrait sessions can be tricky and may even seem downright intimidating. I know. I want my clients to be prepared, so today I’m introducing a new Client Education blog series. And it kicks off today!! I’m answering the most frequently asked question, “What should I wear to my session?”

​If you’re anything like me, you might take one look at your closet and think, “I have NOTHING to wear!” or “Maybe I should postpone the session until I hit the gym a few more times.” I know exactly what you might be going through, and we’ve all been there! That’s why I put together these 3 tips for for helping you look your best in portraits. This isn’t rocket science, but if you pay attention to the little things, they will pay off big time in the outcome of your portraits! 

1. Make sure the clothing you pick keeps you the main subject of the portrait session.

​Distracting pieces/colors or clothes that don’t fit quite right may take away from the purpose of the shoot. Avoid clunky jewelry and or uncomfortable shoes. You want to aim for a tailored look! ​Flattering clothes will make you feel great and look great, too! And everyone has their own taste when it comes to style, so you do YOU! It makes it that much more fun!

2. Try everything on in advance

I suggest, whatever you decide to wear, that you try everything on (including shoes, accessories, and even makeup and hair) several days in advance. That way you can get a feel for whether or not you would enjoy taking photos in that outfit beforehand. Walk around a bit, sit down, stand up, head outside and see what it feels like out in the elements and think through the weather, location, and situation. Seems like a simple thing to do, but it makes a world of difference and will help you feel more confident when the day of your shoot rolls around.

3. Wear something you feel wonderful in!

​What do you love about yourself? Pick clothes that show it off! When your personality comes through in a portrait session, it’s literally the best thing ever! This, however, might not be the best time to experiment with a “new look” or a style that isn’t quite you. Simple and classic is always best and brings out your features better than a crazy or overly trendy outfit.

Need some inspiration? I may be a little biased, but my clients always seem to show up in the cutest/most handsome outfits. Win for me!!

Ready for even more portrait session prep? See a featured engagement session or a featured senior session for a better idea of what to expect on your session day! And stay tuned for more from my new Client Education blog series!

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July 13, 2017

3 Tips for Looking Your Best in Portraits | Client Education

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