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Why should I do a bridal portrait session?
Oftentimes, when I meet with a bride for their initial consultation, they aren’t sure what a bridal session is or if they want one. I always love explaining the benefits of a bridal session and why I love them, so I thought it’d be fun to write a post about it as well for prospective brides or brides that haven’t met with me yet. Plus, I included my most recent bridal session with Olivia!! Now that she and her groom are married, I get share these stunning portraits with you! We got to take them at the SC State House, and they turned out to be favorite for sure.
 A bridal session is simply a time for you, the bride, to get all dressed up in your wedding attire as a final “run-through” before the big day.  You’ll don your wedding dress, any jewelry you may have, shoes, and a full trial of your wedding hair and makeup if you like, and we’ll get pictures of you with everything all put together! It’s such a fun time, and I love that I get a special chance to see a sneak peek of my brides’ looks before they officially get ready for their wedding. So here are my top three reasons you should definitely do a bridal portrait session:
You get extra portraits of just you.
Traditionally, Southern brides would display a large, framed bridal portrait at the reception. Tradition has waned, but it’s still a really special thing to do. When you have a bridal session done, you’ll have more than a few more photos of just you in your wedding getup and normally in a location other than your ceremony or reception venue. Of course, we’ll get some photos of just you on your actual wedding day, but with a bridal session, we have plenty of time to focus on just you and your prettiness and all the details that you’ve worked so hard to perfect.
You can see if there’s anything you need to tweak.
Since a bridal session means you’ll run through your entire look for the wedding day, including hair and makeup and down to even the little details like your earrings, you’ll be able to see your entire look come to life and also decide if there’s anything you’d like to tweak about it before the big day gets here since you’ll still have time!
You get to wear your dress another time.
Brides, you know how much money you spent on your dress! And you might have cringed at the thought of only getting to wear it once for your wedding day and then storing it somewhere to never see the light of day again. With such an investment, you’d probably be excited at the opportunity to wear it another time, so a bridal session would be a perfect way to do just that. You get another chance to wear something you’ve invested so much in: the wedding dress of your dreams!

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October 22, 2018

Olivia | Columbia, SC | SC State House Bridal Portrait Session

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