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Lacking motivation in your business? Do you feel scattered, burnt out, or like you are taking on too much? As a business owner, it’s so important to set boundaries! The easiest place to do this is with your calendar. Us this simple calendar hack to get started! This week, I’m sharing my top tips for scheduling that will help you protect your motivation in your business. Don’t forget to grab my brand new FREEBIE: Weekly Schedule Planner for Creatives (Canva template) just for you!

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Batch Working

Batch working is the practice of grouping similar tasks together and completing them in a chunk of time. Batch working has so many benefits! It can help you be more creative, productive, and efficient with your time. Not only that, but it allows you to focus certain days of the week on specific goals or tasks in your business. I have set out two days of the work week as “internal business days” and two days of the week as “external business days” to help me set boundaries and accomplish more. Listen to the podcast to learn exactly what I mean and how I set up my schedule for weekly success. It’s a simple calendar hack you can use right now!

Internal Business Days

Two week days in my business are set up as internal business days. That means for these days, my focus is inward. I shoot for an uninterrupted day of time in my office. This can include administrative tasks like inbox management, podcast recording, social media posting, and other batch working tasks. I also try to include a couple deep work sessions on these days to really move the needle forward in my business. Learn about deep work by listening to this podcast episode!

External Business Days

External business days are days and limited times I’ve reserved for focusing on client meetings, appointments, errands, virtual or phone calls, or anything that requires leaving my office. These are days I set aside specific hours on my calendar for anyone to sign up for a time slot and discuss a client project or other need with me. I use a scheduling service called CALENDLY which is super convenient and links straight up with Good Calendar.

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July 11, 2022

Lacking Motivation in Your Business? Use this Simple Calendar Hack!

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