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NEWSFLASH: not everyone likes you! Shocker, right? But I think so often in our businesses, we can try to play the game of being the most popular or likable to either feed our egos or win over tons of customers. But, truth is, we want to speak directly to our single ideal client. We want to get so targeted with our messaging to them that we are actually turning away those that aren’t a good fit. Why? Because attracting clients who truly fit in your business is a service to your clients before they even become one. To serve your people the best, you have to first attract your ideal client.

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Lessons from Early in my Business

When I started my business as a 20-year-old in college, I landed my very first engagement session. The couple was beautiful, and I was so proud of how the images turned out! I immediately went home that night to post sneak peeks. I awoke the next morning to a comment on my Facebook sneak peek, “Take this down immediately.” It was the bride from the session, and I was mortified. Come to find out, she was having some insecurities that day, and when she received the final gallery, she explained what happened and how much she actually loved the photos. Fast forward a couple years later, and a bride decided to go with another photographer after getting images back from her engagement session with me. When I saw her wedding images months later, they were very dark and moody, and I realized she would not have been happy with my light and airy style.

You don’t want to attract everyone! Just your ideal client.

We don’t like to turn away money, especially if this business is our main source of income. Whatever the reason, whether it’s guilt or doubt, or trying to please people, we want to continue saying yes and taking on more and more. But when you attract and say yes to clients who aren’t a good fit, it’s a short road to burnout. The key to success in marketing strategy for your business is honing in on the one person or avatar of your ideal client and marketing directly to them.

How I Approach this with Prospective Clients

I want my clients to know exactly what they are getting when they book me. This is why client consultations before they book are an important part of my process. I clearly explain my workflow, turnaround times, show samples of my work, and explain my editing style. I also encourage them to find a wedding photographer whose personality they love because I truly want them to feel like it’s a good fit above all else. So even if that is someone else, I know I will have served them to the best of my ability by being straightforward and honest with them about my process.

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August 22, 2022

Not Everyone Likes You…and That’s OK! Your Ideal Client Will

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