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         2016 is off to an incredible start! I am loving my classes, and I’m finally getting into the groove of my new schedule. I have mornings off which has really been fantastic. I love getting to stay in my pajamas for a few extra hours 🙂 and cuddle up under the covers as morning light streams in through my bedroom windows. It’s also given me some great time to devote to work. First thing in the morning is my favorite time to get stuff done now. I didn’t know if I could actually do it, but I’m finding that, contrary to my belief, I seem to be more productive in the mornings! So that’s good news for my schoolwork and my business!
        More good news is that my photography tool collection got some happy new additions recently (thanks for a little thing called Christmas moolah), and I am very excited about them! I also figured it’s been a while since I’ve given you a peek inside my bag, so I threw in a few things I’m currently obsessing over. 

        Alright, now for what you all really came here for…an embarrassing story. The first thing I had my eye on was a new 50mm lens. You might be saying, “What? You claim to be a portrait photographer and didn’t already have the most basic lens for portrait photography??” Yes, I already had one. But here’s the embarrassing part. It was a cold day in D.C. just about three weeks ago. My travel buddies and I had woken up a little later than we should have for our White House tour that was happening later that afternoon. As a result, we literally made a run for the Obama’s house from the metro stop several blocks away, and just like that, my camera slipped out of my fingers…and onto the pavement. Needless to say, it was a mess. My lens broke in half, and it would have cost just as much to fix as if I had bought a new one, so that’s what I did. But it all worked out, I ended up upgrading, and now my new 50mm is better than the last one I had!
       The other lens I’ve added is my 35mm lens! It was desperately needed even though it was a pretty little chunk of change. I’ve experimented with it a little already and love the wide angle. That pink wallet is literally my new favorite thing, and honestly, it’s a crowd favorite too. It holds the main cards I always use and also my phone. But here’s the best part. The are tiny little suction cups lined up on the inside, and my phone sticks to them like glue. EVERYONE plays with it whenever I show up to anything…it has caused so much fascination. 🙂 The black rings around it are my macro lens attachments. I wasn’t ready to invest in a full macro lens just yet, so I followed a recommendation and bought these instead. They do the job for what I need now and are much more inexpensive! Also, that copper mug was a gift from our YoungLife team mom, and I think you can probably guess I’m in love with it!
        I might be most excited for my new flash! This little baby was the one thing I knew I needed to get even before I decided to update my equipment this Christmas. As I mentioned before, my goal is to expand more into wedding photography on my own this year, and I knew a flash would be crucial! Now I don’t have to rent or borrow one… and I’m so pumped to start using it!!
        It all fits quite nicely in my new camera bag which sits conveniently on my hip for easy access to all my tools. Can’t wait to get out there and to start using my gear soon! Know of any other must-haves I need to add to my equipment collection next? I’d love to hear suggestions about the gear you’re in love with!!

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January 28, 2016

Equipment Upgrade | What’s in the bag?

  1. Alyssa says:

    I am seriously digging that camera bag! I think I’m in love

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