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I went to high school with Juliet, so when I got an email about shooting her engagement party, I was really excited! They had their closest friends and family join them at City Range, and it was so perfect. Part way into the party, we got a chance to sneak away to take some portraits of them outside. It was a little rainy, but that did not stop these two and their enthusiasm. Later in the party, they shared the story of how they got engaged. Tyler took Juliet to one of her favorite restaurants, Papas & Beer, and he had given the ring to the waiter to bring out with dessert. Juliet had no idea, and Tyler had to make up an excuse for getting flan because these two don’t usually get dessert when they go out. Long story short, the waiter never showed with the ring, and Tyler was super worried as his future fiance (at the time) was happily eating her flan. Tyler heard her say, “Is this real?!” He looked up and found Juliet holding the ring she had found inside the flan!! How cute is that? Tyler was so relieved that the waiter hadn’t made off with the ring, he almost forgot to get down on one knee and propose. I just love these two and know you will too!! 
How sweet are Juliet and her big brother?!

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December 7, 2016

Juliet & Tyler | Greenville, SC | Engaged

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