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Y’ALL, these two are #relationshipgoals. I mean, they are so cute and were just perfect in front of my camera. But it makes sense that my camera loved them because this wasn’t their first rodeo. Gabriela & Albert are married and have their photos done a few times every year. When they told me that, my heart skipped a beat. And it just got sweeter! They said their most recent photoshoots have included settings like a big city and even one in an amusement park. YES! So cool, right?! Now that they have recently moved to Clemson so that Gabriela can teach here, they wanted to do a portrait session surrounded by nature, so we ventured to the SC Botanical Garden and then to Lake Keowee. My favorite part though? Gabriela could not stop giggling throughout the session, and it was the most adorable thing ever. Albert truly makes her so happy, and it shows in her expression. I hope you love these almost as much as these two love each other!

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December 20, 2016

Gabriela & Albert | Clemson, SC | Sweethearts

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