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Welcome to the blog

Here at NLP, natural light photography is our specialty. Almost all of our portrait sessions are held outside because we love that look and style of photography. Since we don’t do many sessions in an indoor studio, we get to be creative when it comes to portrait locations for our clients! During the planning process for engagement or family portrait sessions, we try to get a good idea of what our clients’ vision and personality is. We then use that information to decide on the perfect spot for their photos! Keep reading to discover the best outdoor portrait locations near Greenville, SC.

Furman University Bell Tower

1. Furman University Campus

Especially as Fall makes its grand appearance, Furman University has so many amazing locations within a short walking distance of each other. Among some of the choices are the Bell Tower, the Swamp Rabbit Trail that winds behind campus, the bench swings in front of the lake, plus another location that got its own paragraph later in this post. Keep reading to find that one out!

Greenville Liberty Bridge

2. Liberty Bridge

Downtown Greenville has so many options when it comes to portrait locations. If you’re looking for a more “city” feel, keep reading for my favorite rooftop location. However, Liberty Bridge is a classy spot that feels quintessential “Greenville.” You want to time it right, though, crowds can be heavy depending on time and day choice! Early morning and weekdays are always your best bet.

Rock Quarry Garden

3. Rock Quarry Garden

This area used to be one of Greenville’s best kept secrets. Since then, though, more and more photographers have discovered its tucked away beauty. And for good reason! The Rock Quarry Garden is the perfect spot for a couple loves city and greenery. It’s the best of both worlds and a super easy location to access for parking ease as well. Another busy spot, so try to find time to visit around optimal crowd peak times.

Larkin’s Courtyard

4. Larkin’s Courtyard

Another dreamy spot that is tucked away and not really visible to the typical passerby unless you’re looking for it. This location may have so fees associated with it to rent. However, it is well worth it! My favorite session here was a proposal. It was the sweetest thing, and this location made it so intimate. Even in the heart of downtown Greenville! Definitely check out this location!

Bald Rock Heritage Preserve

5. Bald Rock Heritage Preserve

Looking for a mountain location with a great view but not wanting a longer drive? Look no further than Bald Rock! An amazing view of the upstate that doesn’t get too crowded. Visiting at sunset is pure magic. While there is graffiti on the rock, it usually makes for a fun vibe and can easily be edited if your client prefers the more classic look. It’s so easy to get to as well! Although parking during busy times can be a little stressful!

Furman Rose Garden

6. Furman Rose Garden

This gets its own post because it truly is a hidden gem within Furman University’s campus. I especially love doing bridal portraits or senior portraits here. It’s a spot that could be straight out of a Jane Austen novel. Very classy and usually in full bloom. A very green and lush spot not far from the lake, so you can also get a good variety of shots.

Clemson’s Rowing Docks

7. Clemson’s Rowing Docks

This spot is a little further out. About 50 minutes from Greenville, SC. But Clemson University’s campus is another place full of beautiful portrait locations! I may be a little biased since it’s my alma mater. 🙂 Some of my favorite sessions to look back on were in Clemson! We love the rowing docks because…well, we love water! There is the docks and then a little ways up is another view of the lake on the rocks. So peaceful and beautiful!

Poinsett Garage

8. Poinsett Garage

I know, I know. You’re like whattt? Yes! We love a good rooftop for photos, and this garage has the BEST view. It’s my favorite in the city. The roof of this garage is usually empty on weekdays as well, so it’s perfect. Bring a couple up here at sunset and just let the magic happen. And if you only take an hour, admission to the garage is free! 🙂

South Carolina Botanical Garden

9. South Carolina Botanical Garden

Another little drive from Greenville, but I promise it’s so worth it! We have done a few proposals here, and they are so sweet! A spot near Clemson, this location is more versatile than you might think. My personal favorite areas are the covered walkway and the field past the restrooms. Sounds not so glamorous. But trust me! That field is proabably my all-time favorite portrait location! No joke! Since I’ve been last, I think they’re also redone some of the landscape to make it even more beautiful. It’s a must-see.

Wyche Pavilion

10. Wyche Pavilion

A beautiful, open-air location along the Reedy River. This spot is more of a rustic, exposed brick style. Great for Fall especially! But you might have to act fast if you want to photograph here. There is talk of restoring this space and making it an enclosed wedding venue. Which means…no more open-air portraits! 🙁

I hope you enjoyed this little compilation of our favorite spots to take pictures near Greenville, SC. If you used one of these locations, we would love to see the images you create! Tag us on instagram or email us a link. As always, if you need any advice or help picking out a location, you can always feel free to contact us or book a session with us for one of these locations!

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September 24, 2020

The 10 Best Outdoor Portrait Locations near Greenville, SC

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