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Have a photographer in your life? Or are you a photographer yourself? I’ve put together my current list of Amazon favorites for photographers. Some of these are things that help make my job easier, others are items that I use to make my life better after working. Almost all of these are items I’ve personally tried, and if I haven’t tried it, they come highly rated by others who have. I hope you enjoy this and get some ideas of how you can treat yourself or the photographer in your life!

Sporting my Clarks Cloudsteppers. See, they’re not that granny-ish! 🙂

1. My Wedding Day Shoes

First up are some game day essentials. You might laugh, and laugh away! But the #1 thing that hurts after a long wedding day are my feet. After being on them for 8+ hours with little to no sitting time, they feel almost numb by the end of the day. I swear by my Clarks Cloudstepper Flats. The name is NOT an exaggeration. These shoes literally feel like you’re walking on clouds. The thick soles are what really make the shoe. They give great arch support, and at the end of the wedding day, I may be sore elsewhere, but my feet feel INCREDIBLE. I don’t even care that they kinda look like granny shoes because of how amazing they are!

This is a still from an IGTV video, so that’s why I’m talking! 🙂 BlackRapid Sport Strap.

2. My Favorite Camera Strap

I never go to a shoot or wedding day without my ergonomic camera strap. The one I use is the BlackRapid Sport Strap. I could sing praises about this item all day long!! I use to use the regular neck strap that came along with my camera body. I would get so sore after a long day of shooting. With this strap, the camera body slings to your side, and the strap rests on your shoulder instead. It feels amazing and no more neck soreness after a long wedding day!

I love my Kelly Moore camera bag!

3. Leather Camera Bag

Next order of business, I absolutely LOVE my camera bag! It’s a beautiful brown leather exterior, and I’ve had for the past nearly four years. It barely looks used and has held up incredibly well. Unfortunately, Kelly Moore discontinued the particular style I have which is a true shame. 🙁 But I have found one almost identical to mine on Amazon. It has such good reviews! It’s the Jo Totes Allison Camera Bag, and I think you’re gonna love it just as much! It has the same beautiful brown leather exterior and pockets.

A relaxing setup with my Shiatsu back massager after a long day!

4. To Relax & Recharge

This next item doesn’t necessarily count as camera “gear,” but it most certainly helps me do my job 100 times better! After a long day of working at a wedding or sitting behind a computer editing, I have a tendency to get tense around my neck and shoulders. In comes the Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager! You guys, this was life changing! I would ask family members to rub my shoulders once in a while, but this little baby is on another level. Best part? It’s small enough that you can move it around to different problem areas. I personally love plugging it in behind my sofa and lounging as I get the best back massage. And it’s under $50! Totally worth every penny.

This KingCamp tent can go ANYWHERE!

5. For outfit changes during sessions

Do you offer outfit changes during your session? Trying to find a bathroom or having to resort to changing in your car sound all too familiar? Look no further than this incredibly easy KingCamp Portrable Popup Tent. They are currently out of the blue color I ordered, but this one also comes in black. It folds up to be the size of a reflector, and it pops up to be an incredibly easy way for your clients to change during a session. No more hunting for bathrooms or changing awkwardly in the car! It’s really easy to keep it in your trunk to always have handy too.

Using my MountDog Backdrop Stand with my beige backdrop paper.

6. For Headshots & Branding sessions

Another typically expensive item under $50 on Amazon! I love my new MountDog Backdrop Stand for branding photos and headshots. This is another item that is really easy to set up, and it packs down to a very small carrying case that you can really take anywhere. I love using some backdrop paper rolls on this stand as well. It’s a great clean background for very professional-looking content. I personally love this Savage Seamless Background Paper in my branding color– blue!

7. Day-of Wedding Essentials

The last on my list for today is none other than the tried and true MaxTop Fanny Pack. Under $10 and sooo helpful! Since I wear my Apple Watch to keep track of the timeline on wedding days, a fanny pack is where I store my cell phone, gum, chapstick, extra memory cards, and batteries. It’s a LIFESAVER when I’m not close to my bag and keeps my most-used items within reach at all times. This design is black and sleek. Since I wear black on wedding days anyway, it doesn’t stand out, and I actually think it’s kinda cute! 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this roundup of some of my favorite items for photographers from Amazon! With the holidays coming up, check back soon for some more gift guides of unique ideas of things to give your significant other for Christmas!

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September 29, 2020

Amazon Essentials for Wedding Photographers 2020

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