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When I first started my wedding photography business, I had no portfolio to show prospective clients. Because of that, I had a hard time building credibility with my prospective brides and struggled to book. That’s why I turned to styled shoots early on in my business! Styled Shoots are typically mock weddings with a focus on luxury or unique details for the purpose of building your photography portfolio or getting published. Now that I’ve built my photography business, I want to help you build yours. I think a big way you can do that is by attending a styled shoot. Listen in for three top reasons why! You can also join in and attend one of the shoots I host in person. More information on upcoming shoots at The Styled Event.

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Reason #1: Connect with other vendors, and serve them well.

You’ve heard it before, I’ll say it again. The single thing that can truly bring more success to your business is networking! Not only will it help your business to get to know others in your industry so they can recommend clients to you, a styled shoot is a great way to SERVE your fellow vendors. Get to know them at the shoot. Anticipate their needs. And most of all, send them your gallery afterward! They will share your images, tag you, and essentially market your business to a whole new audience. In the words of Michael Scott, “it’s a win-win-WIN.”

Reason #2: Be creative in ways you never could at a typical wedding.

As wedding photographers there is no way to guarantee that we will book weddings that are exactly what we’d love to photograph. Beyond that, there is no way to ensure that certain details will be present at a wedding. It’s the bride’s day, and our creative freedom is limited! That is great, and serving our brides is so rewarding. But if there is something we’ve been dreaming about photographing, WE have to make it happen with styled shoots. The sky’s the limit here. Like I mentioned in the podcast, I wanted to photograph a vintage Rolls Royce, so I made it happen at a styled shoot!

Reason #3: Build (or refresh) your portfolio to attract more of what you want to shoot.

Whether you are just starting out in the photography world or you are a seasoned pro, it’s important to constantly refine your craft and build or refresh your portfolio. Additionally, is there a market or type of wedding you want to break into? Struggling to book that because your portfolio is not attracting those clients? Attend a styled shoot, and share the heck out of your work. Once your ideal client can envision themselves in your photos, they will come calling!

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August 29, 2022

3 Reasons You Should Attend a Styled Shoot

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