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I met up with Kendall and Parker for their Downtown Greenville Engagement Photos on a very cold day. But you seriously would never have guessed it with that warm glowy light and the sweet smiles on their faces! These two share a precious love that is a bunch of FUN! We started off at the M. Judson bookstore steps and made our way over to the Westin Poinsett.

From there, I asked if they had any interest in some rooftop photos on a nearby parking garage. It was a resounding YES! Funny enough, the wind and cold felt less up at the top. And the sun was hitting at just the right spot for those golden sunset photos of our dreams. Enjoy more of Kendall and Parker and read on for golden glow tips!

Associate for Rebecca Hicks Photography.

Best Time for Golden Hour

If you’re engaged and planning your own photo session, you may be wondering how to get this glowy light. The real key is starting your session as close to sunset as possible. I aim to begin each of my sessions about 1.5 hours before the sunset time. There are some other factors you’ll want to consider:

  • Will there be any buildings or tall structures obstructing the sun’s path to you? If so, you may need to begin earlier.
  • Is the weather cloudy or overcast? If so, you’ll lose light a lot quicker than on clear days. Therefore, you might need to start your session earlier.
  • Time of year also effects sunset time and quality of the light. You will typically get the warmest, golden glow in the summer months.
  • Be sure to check the sunset time well in advance of your session. A simple Google search will do! But it’s essential to plan for sunset on the exact day you are shooting.

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January 12, 2023

Kendall & Parker | Downtown Greenville Engagement Photos

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