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Welcome to the blog

I am the only full-time person in my business, and yet, I think weekly meetings in my business are crucial! Thinking about implementing this in your business? I dive into the three main areas I track and plan in my business each week: weekly tasks, benchmarks, and finances. Plus, I take you step-by-step though the documents I use to track my growth and progress.

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Weekly Meetings in My Business

Each Monday, I sit down to recap and look ahead to what’s next. It takes about 30-45 minutes and immensely helpful! First, it gives me a chance to see what’s working well and where to improve from a bird’s eye view. It also lets me narrow on on my focus for each week and increase productivity. Here are the three areas of my business I assess each week:

  1. Weekly Tasks. I synthesize my most important items into an actionable list. I also look back at the last week in a reflection and with gratitude.
  2. Benchmarks. I track my growth in four main areas- Instagram, Pinterest, Flodesk (email marketing), and Anchor (podcast).
  3. Financial. I track my income and expenses weekly to stay on top of my bookkeeping in a spreadsheet (linked below!).

Listen to the episode to hear each part of my team meetings in depth. Plus, tips on how and why you should host your own team meetings!

  • Questions about this episode or thinking about starting weekly meetings yourself? Email me! hello@nicholelaurenphotography.com

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February 27, 2023

How I Host Weekly Meetings in my Business… as a Solopreneur

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