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Welcome to the blog

It’s time for another Business Book Club Book Review. This time we are unpacking How Are You, Really by Jenna Kutcher. This was not your average business book. But with the holidays and life around November, I was looking for a more lifestyle read. This one certainly fit the bill!

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How Are You, Really?

Answering this question truthfully can feel a lot harder than we’d care to admit. In this week’s podcast, we’re diving into this amazing book by Jenna Kutcher. Since this one is less of a practical business book, we are taking a more holistic approach.

Listen as I share parts of the book that stuck out to me and how I’m applying it to my life and business. Some of my favorite concepts from the book:

  • The fear of missing out can compress us into being “yes” people for everyone but ourselves.
  • Climbing the “corporate ladder” isn’t confined to the 9-5 life. We can easily fall into this trap as entrepreneurs if we’re not careful.
  • My accomplishments aren’t the most important things about me. If we live like they are, then a single “failure” can bring our world and identity crashing down.
  • Everything starts with the first step. We have to be okay with making mistakes. In fact, mistakes provide us with the knowledge to propel us forward. Just start!
  • Success isn’t measured by the amount of money or time you have. It’s about the FREEDOM to do what you want with that time and money.
  • Every “yes” is an equal and opposite “no” to something else. Make it count!
  • You don’t have to earn rest. It’s a requirement to be succcessful!

Listen to the episode to hear my full review of How Are You, Really by Jenna Kutcher. Seriously, it’s one of my favorite books to date! I hope you enjoy.

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March 6, 2023

Book Review: How Are You, Really by Jenna Kutcher

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