Welcome to the blog

Welcome to the blog

I like to think of myself as an expert in what I like to call the “little adventure.” Sure, I like to travel and dream big. There is plenty of stuff on my list of things I want to accomplish and places I would love to visit. But I’ve also been a big believer in discovering the world around me and seeking out little adventures, a trait my dad exemplified for me as I was growing up. Whether it was song on the radio or a place we visited, he taught me how to take in every detail and savor it. A concept closely connected with that is the notion that you take yourself with you wherever you go. A lot of people want something, all the time, but what many fail to realize is that going somewhere else will not change who you are. Buying something new won’t instantly make you a better, happier person. Learning what makes you who you are right now and enjoying each season of life for it’s unique experiences is the best thing you can do for that adventurous spirit inside you. In the wise word’s of Amy Poehler, “You have to be where you are to get where you need to go.” 
These past couple weeks, I have had a little more time on my hands than I expected, and while I have tried to use as much of that time as I can to rest before life starts to get crazy again, I have really enjoyed discovering the world around me. I’ve tried my hand at sewing a matching skirt and top. I’ve tasted handmade artisan doughnuts (lemon lavender) and fresh juiced energy bowls. I’ve planted a quaint little potted garden in my room filled with succulents of every shape and kind. I’ve visited a drive-in movie for the first time! Aaaand I’ve spent lots of time refreshing Nichole Lauren Photography after some time away this summer. (I can’t wait to take you on a tour of all the new things I’ve been hard at work on soon!) 

These adventures may not be as noteworthy as road tripping across the country or visiting Iceland (a couple of my real big dreams), but there is something beautiful about seizing the day and enjoying every opportunity, no matter what it may be.

So take this as my charge to you. Have yourself a little adventure this week. The next time you catch yourself wishing and dreaming, take a second to think about what you can do right now to discover the world around you. Feed that little adventurous spirit of yours by seeking out the experiences that are just waiting for you in your own backyard!

Stay tuned for more from my beach travels, and more information about the exciting new things being launched at Nichole Lauren Photography will be making its way to the blog later this week! Happy Sunday, little adventurers!

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July 26, 2015

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