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Starting a Youtube channel last year was one of the BEST decisions I’ve made in my business and certainly the best decision recently for visibility! What was holding me back from creating a channel for so long was the fact that I didn’t see myself as an influencer.

But what a lot of people don’t know is that using Youtube for business is a super strategic move. The truth is, you don’t have to share your entire life or vlog. Youtube is a great way to build credibility with your audience with free and valuable education. It’s also a search engine, meaning it’s an incredible way to reach so many new cold leads!

In this episode, I talk about who Youtube is ideal for, how and why to use it in business, and the simple steps to get started with equipment and software. The whole process is a lot easier than you might think!

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Overcoming objections

If you’re like me, you’d understand why I was always hesitant to start a YouTube channel. Between worrying about privacy and not really feeling like an “influencer,” I just wan’t sure if it was the right move for myself and my business. Now as the years went on, I realized more and more that having a youtube channel would be helpful for my business so I finally started one last summer. Overcoming those objections was the hardest part!

Service based business owners and digital product based business owners can definitely benefit from having a Youtube channel. For me, I’m a coach for other business owners so having the ability to create long-form educational content is huge. It’s enabling me to build credibility and make a name for myself in the education industry and you can totally tailor it to your business objectives as well.

YouTube is a search engine, just like google and that enables you to create evergreen content. Your videos will continue to attract views and generate passive income over time, unlike the short lifespan of content on platforms like Instagram. The long form content of YouTube also makes it feel like I’m giving back and helping my audience, really pouring into them. Another benefit of YouTube is that it really is full of opportunities in that there are so many more business owners on Instagram vying for your clients’ attention, but there’s not nearly as many business owners on YouTube doing the same.

What do you need to start?

The best part of YouTube, you don’t even need to spend money to set up your channel. You can use equipment and tools you already have. What I use is a good old point and shoot camera and iMovie which was already on my laptop. For thumbnails and any graphics I need for my videos, I use Canva which I already pay for in my business. I hope this gets the point across that really, you could start your channel today using the business tools you already have!

As far as content, I always keep of list of videos I want to film. Whenever I think of a new idea, I just add it to the list. Whenever I have a free day, I try to sit down and knock out several videos at a time. I don’t have a super set posting schedule but I typically post once I week so if I complete 3-4 videos in a day, that’s content for pretty much a whole month.

My biggest encouragement to you is to just overcome any initial fears you might have about exploring YouTube. Go with what feels right, follow your creative energy and just do it!

If you want to learn more about the benefits of YouTube as a platform for your business, this episode is especially for you! Give it a listen and let me know what you think. My “door” is always open for questions: hello@nicholelaurenphotography.com

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February 22, 2024

How to Start a YouTube Channel

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