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We took Micaela and Noah’s engagement photos recently. First of all, this Nichole Lauren couple is actually the cutest! I kept telling Micaela how she is a real-life Rapunzel, and we’re all here for it. But what really struck me about these engagement photos wasn’t what you might thing you. Also can we just say, thank goodness for Furman University engagement photos! This spot is one of the best portrait locations in Greenville, SC. So versatile and so conveniently located to everything!

Now, for my revelation I had when looking back over these photos. Y’all, we took these photos in the DEAD of winter, but would you guess it? Absolutely not! So here’s what I think is so important to note. First, lighting is EVERYTHING. Trust your photographer when they have a specific time to meet for engagement photos. That glowy lighting doesn’t just happen by accident.

Next, it doesn’t matter when you get engaged. Despite the “typical” times of year to take photos, you can nail your engagement photos no matter the season! Yes, even winter!! Don’t believe me? Well, I’m glad you’re a little skeptical because that means I get to give you some tips on how to have the best engagement portraits in EVERY season. But first, a moment for these two gorgeous people!

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Spring symbolizes new beginnings and blooming love. Opt for outdoor locations if you have access to cherry blossoms, vibrant tulips, or lush greenery. Wear pastel tones or soft neutrals to complement the fresh, natural surroundings.

Summer offers long, sunlit days and the opportunity for vibrant, energetic photos. Choose locations with a mix of nature and sunshine, like golden fields, beaches, or lakesides. Dress in light, breathable fabrics, and consider incorporating fun accessories like sunglasses or a sun hat. Be mindful of the heat and schedule your session during the early morning or late afternoon to avoid harsh midday sun.

Fall‘s rich, warm hues create a picturesque backdrop for engagement photos. Select locations with colorful foliage, such as parks with changing leaves or orchards with ripe apples. Dress in cozy layers and autumnal tones like deep reds, mustard yellows, or earthy browns. Incorporate seasonal props like pumpkins, blankets, or even a warm beverage for a cozy, intimate feel.

Winter brings a magical, and sometimes, snow-covered landscape perfect for a romantic engagement session. Choose locations with evergreen trees or historic buildings adorned with festive lights. Embrace the season with cozy outfits – think stylish coats, scarves, and boots. Alternatively, opt for indoor locations with large windows to capitalize on natural light while staying warm.

Regardless of the time of year, your engagement photos will be a beautiful reflection of your love story in any and every season.

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February 15, 2024

Micaela & Noah | Furman University Engagement Photos

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